GenCon Dance Classes – 2018


Thank you for your interest in our dance classes! We will be adding information here as we get closer to GenCon, so please feel free to check in as the year progresses.


What classes are you offering?

We are teaching four classes:

Dance to the Front Lines – SPA18139184

Friday, August 3, 10:00AM, Westin House Room

Court Dancing: +1 Performance, +1 Diplomacy – SPA18139183

Saturday, August 4, 4:00PM, Westin House Room

Dance on the Village Green – SPA18139185

Saturday, August 5, 5:00PM, ICC Room 207

Dancing with the Sidhe and Fae – SPA18139186

Sunday, August 6, 11:00AM, Westin House Room


How much do the tickets cost?

Each ticket is $10


Do I need to know how to dance?

Nope! We can teach anyone from beginners up. This is a non-judgment zone, so don’t worry if you have never danced before.


What kind of shoes should I wear?

Anything is fine, as long as you have good freedom of movement. If you can point your toe, they will work.


Can I wear a costume?

Sure! We’ll have to ask you to take off any pieces that might poke or hit someone else when you’re turning around, but costumes are lovely.


Will there be music?

Absolutely! Andrew McKee will be leading our house band, and we’ll have links to download the music available after the classes.


Will there be handouts?

There will – we will provide booklets with the dances you learned at the end of the class.


What will we be learning?

Stay tuned for more information about the dances themselves.