About Counts to Nine

"I am going to make everything aronud me more beautiful. That will be my life" Elise de Wolfe

I’ve worn a lot of hats over my career.

I’ve been a microbiologist for the State of Texas, a biochemical patent analyst, a file clerk, a dance instructor, a improvisational street performer, a color commentator for the international jousting community, and now? I work in entertainment

I was lucky to start as a 2nd AD, then moved through locations, wardrobe, and Art Department before settling into the production office. I’m now a producer, focusing as much as I can on positive, beautiful projects.

In the past, I have produced commercials, pilots, feature films, and internet series for major corporations including SyFy, Verizon, The Travel Channel, Comedy Central, Machinima, and CBS. I was a member of the Academy Award winning art team on THE AMAZING RACE,  and wore several hats during production for THE LIZZIE BENNET DIARIES and EMMA APPROVED, both recipients of an Emmy for Original Interactive Programming. I’ve had the opportunity to produce Virtual Reality experiences for Kellogg’s, General Electric, Nokia, Jaunt Media, and Google Spotlight Stories.


That’s my “professional” work. Here is the fun stuff – which I’m slowly working towards bringing together with my professional work.

When I’m not in the office, I teach and perform historical dance – from the Renaissance through Regency. I’ve developed dance programs at Renaissance Festivals and for stage productions across the country. I’ve had the opportunity to perform at Living History events up and down the east coast, and to dance in England.

Whitney RSTexas Renaissance Festival, 2002








I would love to hear from you – you can email me at: info@countstonine.com.